Welcome friends and thank you for visiting Bibideebobideeboo!  I am BEYOND excited to share and discuss with you all things Disney!

A little bit about me and this site…

I am a working thirty-something, wife, and mommy to two little ones.  My travels and introduction to Disney began in 1984, when my parents took our family on our first trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Since then, I have gone back every year…first as a daughter, then as a girlfriend, new wife, and now mother.  It has been a true lifelong experience for my whole family and has no sign of slowing down.  Disney has captivated our imagination, entertained, and brought us together year after year.  It is a bond our family shares like no other and is a constant happy thought and inspiration of good in our busy, challenging lives of this modern era.

Now, with a family of my own, my husband and I hope to continue the Disney tradition as my parents did for us and have invested in the Disney Vacation Club.  It is our hope that for the next 50 years, Disney will also bring the happiness and togetherness for our kids as now a new generation is here.  I am sure there are so many of you like our family out there who feel the same way.

As for this site, I hope to create a different kind of Disney blog from a perspective of family and fun!  I will share with you things that I and my family have learned as well as new experiences as Disney continues to evolve and grow.  So, let’s get started and have some fun!!!