Princess Day!

Princess Day

Princess Day is one of the most special events you can plan for your little girl at Disney. As a mom, it was so fun to watch the excitement as we planned the day together, and so much fun to see it all unfold. To make the day more special, it is great to have someone to share the experience along with them as well such as a friend, cousin, or loved one as they both get the royal treatment.

There are three locations to turn your little girl into the princess she always dreamed of inside the Walt Disney World Resort. The most well known is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside the Magic Kingdom and the other less well known locations, but also fabulous, are located in Disney Springs and at the Grand Floridian Resort. Reservations are a must, and recommended starting 180 days from your visit. There is no pre-pay requirement other than a minimum amount to hold the reservation. Packages range from $75 for simple hairstyling and make-up to over $250 for dress, hair, makeup, and accessories. Some things to consider to save cost is to purchase your dress and accessories ahead of time at such places as Amazon or the Disney Store. In case you forget anything or want to purchase additional items last minute, you can buy them at the boutique that day.

As far as planning the royal feast after you princess has been transformed, there are three locations we recommend: Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom, Pefectly Princess Tea at the Grand Floridian Resort, and the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot. Cinderella’s and Princess Tea are conveniently located adjacent to the boutiques. However, Akershus will be a bit of a royal journey. All three locations will have a Disney princess to meet, however the Princess Tea only has one while the others normally have four or more. The most special in our opinion is Cinderella’s as you get to meet her personally upon arriving….and she is our favorite of course! Reservations for all three dining options are a must as well and plan on doing so at the 180 day mark prior to your trip. If you want to opt for a lesser cost option, treat your little one to some ice cream or special snack after their royal transformation as a special treat. We can recommend the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, or Big Top Souvenirs, which has a giant selection of sugary treats, in the Magic Kingdom. Disney Springs is also home to multiple sweet treat establishments such as Sprinkles Cupcakes or Ghardelli’s Chocolate within walking distance from the boutique.


If you are treating your little one to the princess experience, keep in mind their age and try to schedule the experience at the right time of day. For example, for younger princesses, you might want to schedule earlier in the day when energy and attention are higher, but plan for a few small rides or a dip in the pool to get some energy out before they have to sit for a while. Also, plan a little snack for them ahead of time before the royal feast, such as a giant frosted Mickey donut! For older princesses, you might want to do the opposite and schedule it more towards the evening, after which you can do dinner immediately afterwards, and perhaps a fireworks show to end the day.


Special Touches
There are some special touches that you can add on or that are already included in your princess experience that we have to mention.
Photo Pass- This is an add on item that you can purchase separately through Disney. It is really great to add this on to your day as it is a one time cost, and includes as many pictures you would like taken by the photo pass photographers. You can buy pictures individually, but we found that is usually more expensive for more than a handful of photos. During your time at the boutique, photographers will come around and photograph your little one’s experience as well as allow you to have a photo shoot at a select location where you can take the “after” pictures in a royal setting.



Fairy Godmother– If you time your experience right, the Fairy Godmother herself appears outside Cinderella’s Castle to meet her future princesses in waiting. A truly special experience that is just like Cinderella’s.



Wishing nails, Wishing Stars, and Wands– Depending on where you select your experience and if you choose a royal feast, there are a number of special touches Disney incorporates into the experiences to make it more magical. A few that we have loved is the wishing star and wand given out at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Also, the magical nail polish used at the boutiques allows its wearer to make ten wishes from those perfectly polished nails.


More Fun
As if we couldn’t have any more fun, there are a few more things to consider to add on to your princess day to top it all off.
If you are not able to enjoy meeting a princess through a dining reservation, consider making a point to meet one of them at a park location attraction such as Anna and Elsa’s Royal Summerhaus at Epcot or at Fairytale Princess Hall at the Magic Kingdom.

Finally, the perfect end to the day would be to experience a fireworks display. Our favorite is the Happily Ever After show at Magic Kingdom. It ends the day in a truly magical way!

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