Best Uses For the Disney Refillable Mug

Hi Everyone!  As I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinet the other day trying to find a coffee mug I can’t help but get overwhelmed at how many of these guys I come across on a daily basis.  I mean they are EVERYWHERE in my house.  I feel like the Gemino Curse from Harry Potter aka the “Duplication Spell” has been cast on these cups!  Am I alone here?  I think we must have over 50 roaming about the house.  Most recently though, I do use them consistently everyday for coffee in the morning.  Not only do they keep it warm, I don’t worry as much about spilling it as much on myself or my kids, and it just makes me feel a little bit like I’m still on vacation! Haha…

So, I thought I should share some of the OTHER uses we have for these cups.  After we’ve filled up our last bit of Coca Cola in these guys on our last Disney vacation day, little do they know their going to be earning their keep when they get home at Casa de Bibideebobideeboo!  Now, I may not have 101 uses for them…I admit straight off, but I do have some good ones.  Take a look…

  1.  Change Holder (easily fits in your car cupholder or by your kitchen sink)_MG_3581
  2. 21 and Over for this one….Cocktail Shakermg_3578.jpg
  3. Toddler Snack Cup_MG_3582
  4. Office Pencil Holder_MG_3587
  5. The random junk cup_MG_3583
  6. And, finally my favorite…although I don’t have a picture is the baby/toddler hair washing cup!  We’d love to hear what awesome things you out there use these cups for, so please leave a comment!  And, if you are needing an upgrade from your refillable mug, there are some awesome “real” travel mugs out there that will keep that daily Disney Magic alive even more! Check out my absolute favorite of Cinderella’s Castle  in the picture below.  Link to purchase coming soon in our “Bootique”!_MG_3597

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