Frozen Ice Cream Castle

Hi Everyone!  So, today I wanted to share with you how I got ride of our leftover Christmas cookie sprinkles I’ve had in our pantry for a little over a year 🙂  I have been racking my brain for months with plans of how to rid of these little guys.  I’ll admit they were an impulse purchase in the checkout line at Bed Bath and Beyond last Thanksgiving.  We had grand plans of using them for Frozen themed Christmas cookies , but sadly we never made it past the red and green crystal sprinkle variety 😦


Anyways, lightning struck this morning and I thought…wow!…what if I made a giant Frozen themed ice cream cake!?!  My daughter would absolutely love this during these hot summer days!  I don’t know about you, but it seems everything Anna and Elsa is still super duper exciting at our house 🙂  So, I set out to the grocery store and bought a dozen vanilla ice cream cups, cut out a piece of leftover cardboard from a previous Amazon Prime delivery this week, and a sheet of aluminum foil…ready to construct this masterpiece!  Once the children were asleep I started in earnest to complete this project.  As any parent knows, great feats can be achieved while your children are sleeping.  What you can accomplish in two hours of uninterrupted kid-less time is like what you are normally able to do in two months when they are awake.


So, I started slowly but surely taking out each ice cream cup and cutting it out of its plastic shell, feverously coating it with sprinkles before it melted in my hot little hand, and stacking them in a giant tower of ice cream sprinkle deliciousness.  All the while, doing this as fast as I can because it is 90 degrees outside.


And then….viola! A custom made Frozen ice cream tower!  Now, I completely admit this is no beautiful cake by Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, but my daughter was delighted when she awoke from her nap.  Hope this little anecdote gives you all a little giggle on this hot summer day! Yes, the topper is a LEGO piece I stole from my daughter’s collection 🙂

Take a peek below on the before and after 🙂

#Frozen #Sprinkles



IMG_3566 new





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