What do I wear to a Disney Park?

Hi Everyone!  I thought it would be good to share with you all my trials and tribulations on finding the perfect outfit to wear to a Disney park. In my opinion the perfect outfit can take many forms:  fancy, trendy, comfy, and of course Disney!  My husband will tell you that I stress out before every Disney trip on purchasing that perfect Ralph Lauren sundress to wear to Cinderella’s royal table or Lands End safari outfit to ride Kilimangaro Safari.  In all honesty, my feet suffer the most on each trip.  I once had to purchase a pair of tan Mickey crocs and black mens dress socks at Mouse Gear because I literally could not take another step in my super cute gladiator sandals!  I constantly forget that my $3.99 Old Navy flip flops are just not going to make it through the 10 miles a day you walk on average during a Disney trip.  I will spare you the photos of my blistered feet.

To me, there are three rules to the perfect Disney park wardrobe:

  1.  Pamper your Feet-  Yes, when you are on mile 8 in those $3.99 flip flops from Walmart or super cute wedges you found for $20 at H&M, you will thank me for picking the comfortable (although stylish!) kicks instead.  And don’t forget the socks!
  2. Dress for the weather- Pick an outfit that suits the weather for the day.  Florida sun is brutal.  So, be comfortable.  Skip the layers and the tight fitting outfit.  Keep it lose and breathable.
  3. You need a little bag-  A crossbody or small back pack is your best friend when you are park hopping.  I don’t know how many times I was worried I was going to lose my sunglasses affixed to my head on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Or, you just have one of those magic bands that just doesn’t “snap” all the way causing you to lose it and some good Samaritan to find it for you.  You need somewhere to put these little babies.  Also, Moms I know miracles can be retrieved from a crossbody bag, so just remember the hand sanitizer and band aids is my recommendation 🙂 The baby bag or family back pack could be far away while waiting on hour two to ride Flight of Passage, so bring the necessities with you.

So, today I’d like to share what I like to think of as my most versatile, comfortable, and cost sensitive approach to a Disney vacation wardrobe I have done to date.  Yes, it only took me 34 years to figure it out.  In the comments, please let me know if you also go through the same agony on what the perfect “Disney” trip wardrobe is and how you make it fabulous!

A comfy pair of shoes (Superga Classic Lace Up Sneaker mules), awesome jean shorts (Paige denim), a different Disney themed T-shirt for each day (These are so fun and cute and can be found almost anywhere for ~$20 a shirt at Target, Amazon, Kohls, Disney Parks merchandise, etc.), and a crossbody/backpack (Tory Burch wallet crossbody bag).



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